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Industry Associations Advisory Council


The Industry Associations Advisory Council (IAAC) is a TIAA, board-sanctioned meeting of Alberta-based, tourism-oriented industry trade association leaders that share a common interest in the economic expansion and sustainability of Alberta’s visitor economy. 


The overarching objective of the IAAC is to inform an understanding of the policy, research and advocacy priorities of each of Alberta’s various tourism-oriented trade associations. 


TIAA believes that by better understanding the objectives of various trade associations, the resultant effect will be more alignment on policy messaging and an inventory of which organizations possess the most relevant research, data and sector expertise on key topic areas in order that the best possible provincial solutions may be advanced.    


Eligibility to Participate   

Any Alberta-based industry trade association with a connection to Alberta’s visitor economy that is a member in good standing of TIAA is eligible to participate.  Participation is limited to the senior paid association staff member (Executive Director or CEO), or the senior volunteer (Board Chair or President).


IAAC Meetings

TIAA will set meeting times and location based on input from the majority.  TIAA will draft meeting agendas and background materials and will solicit input from participants on agenda items they may like to add. 


It is envisaged that IAAC will meet at least twice annually, with meetings alternating between Edmonton and Calgary.  Additional meetings may be called, as issues dictate. The TIAA Board Chair or TIAA Board Advisor/CEO shall chair all meetings.   A summary of discussions will be shared with all participants following meetings.     


While each participant is responsible for his/her own travel, lodging, TIAA will provide the meeting space and meal and/or coffee and snacks for participants depending on the time of day that meetings are coordinated.   



Discussions at the IAAC table are intended to strengthen and support the policy and advocacy efforts of all who are seated at the table.  Recognizing that each association has its own mandate and membership base it is accountable to and, recognizing that trust is a key ingredient to building partnership and collaboration, IAAC discussions shall be: 


  •  non-binding discussions: no formal commitments, minutes or recommendations (summary notes from meetings only); and, 

  •  treated as privileged information to support the leadership efforts of each associations’ senior paid or volunteer representative in the advancement of their agendas.


IAAC Nominations to the TIAA Tourism Policy Committee

In consideration of the fact that some of the issues raised at the IAAC table may be issues that, with further

research and analysis, could become part of TIAA’s strategic policy and advocacy agenda, and, recognizing

that many trade association leaders’ possess considerable wisdom and insight on specific policy challenges

facing Alberta’s tourism industry, the Board of Directors has designated “two” seats on the TIAA Tourism

Policy Committee that can be filled by individual nominations received from the IAAC, or through a direct

appointment by the TIAA Board of Directors.  All appointments are for a one-year term, which will expire at

TIAA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).