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TIAA’s vision is that Alberta’s tourism industry will be the driving force of sustainable, community economic development.

We represent all aspects of the diverse tourism ecosystem in Alberta; ensuring that future opportunities are leveraged and issues affecting the industry are addressed.


Tourism's voice matters more than ever. And, TIAA’s voice as a proxy for the sectors that comprise the visitor economy matters more than ever. The single most important thing we can do at this time is ensure tourism operators are aware of TIAA so we can offer our support. In these challenging times, we cannot stress how important it is to work together, elevate our collective needs to decision makers, and join forces to reduce industry risks during our recovery.

The Latest from TIAA - February, 2024




New Releases:
2024 State of the Industry Performance Report & Comparative Economic Impact Analysis


TIAA has released 2 new reports:


(NEW) 2024 State of the Industry

The 2024 State of the Industry report provides an insightful examination of Alberta's tourism sector, focusing on its recovery trajectory and emerging challenges. It highlights the sector's resilience and growth, underscored by increased visitor expenditures and strategic opportunities for further development. The report also emphasizes the critical role of government policy and support in addressing sector-specific challenges such as labor shortages and the need for enhanced air access. This document is essential for stakeholders seeking to understand the current landscape and future prospects of Alberta's tourism industry, offering valuable data and recommendations to inform strategic planning and investment decisions.

To find out how the industry performed in 2024 please click on the link below:



(NEW) Comparative Economic Impact Analysis and Recommendations

The Alberta Tourism Industry Economic Impacts & Recommendations report provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic contributions and challenges faced by the tourism sector in Alberta. Highlighting the industry's resilience post-COVID-19, it showcases substantial growth in visitor expenditures, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. This report is critical for stakeholders aiming to understand the sector's impact on the province's GDP and employment, offering strategic recommendations to double tourism expenditures by 2035. It emphasizes the need for an integrated approach to policy, investment, and marketing to sustain and enhance this vital economic driver, making it essential reading for industry professionals and policymakers.

For important talking points in an easy to digest document please click below:






2023 TIAA-Leger Summer Pulse Survey

Post-Summer TIAA Survey 2023 - Business Conditions Continue to Improve but Headwinds Impacting Profitability

To assist in helping businesses rebuild global pandemic and to understand the top issues affecting the tourism industry, the Travel Industry Association of Alberta (TIAA) continues to conduct a semi-annual online survey of tourism businesses across the province. The research is designed to track against previous waves (where applicable) and to provide up-to-date data on:

The top issues facing the tourism sector

  • Business viability by year end
  • Business conditions if the market stays where it is
  • Impact of rising costs of inputs
  • Rising costs such as insurance premiums and inflation
  • Labour force challenges
  • Finance and debt

The surveys assess the current (and future) state of tourism businesses in the province. Results will be used to help educate operators across the province and help businesses recover over time by creating better understanding of the current situation, anticipated challenges, and available opportunities.

Throughout the current report, results are compared to previous waves (eg. February, 2023), as applicable.

Summer on Balance

  • 77% of businesses reported that they performed better than expected during the latest tourism season (May-Sep, 2023)
  • Consistent with Feb 2023, inflationary impacts continue to be the biggest challenge facing organizations during the summer season (59%), followed by labour supply (42%).
  • In Oct 2023, 31% reported that their pre-pandemic levels of operations have already returned (17%) or have already surpassed (14%) pre-pandemic levels of operations, up directionally from Feb 2023.
  • Labour costs is the area that businesses feel the most pressure related to inflation (62%), followed by food (52%) and fuel (51%).
  • When considering staffing challenges, inability to pay wages offered in other sectors is the #1 challenge (53%). Half of businesses (50%) rank shortage of suitable workers as one of the top five staffing challenges.

TIAA-Leger Summer Pulse Survey 2023

TIAA-Leger Summer Pulse Survey 2023 Executive Summary


Economic Impact Updates

Federal and Provincial Riding Sheets Released

On September 25th TIAA released updated Federal and Provincial Riding sheets.  These highly informative one-pagers contain comparative analysis for business and employment data between 2019 and 2022 on a riding-by-riding basis.

They are intended to use as a tool when discussing the tourism economy.  These sheets have been one of the most effective methods to communicate that tourism is an industry of industries and its economic contribution is underestimated as a result.   Tourism is one of the few industries that touches every part of Alberta. 

Federal Riding Sheets

Provincial Constituency Sheets

Economic Significance of Travel in Alberta (1 Page)



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