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    "While we have an incredible backdrop, we’ve lacked a lead agent to unify Alberta’s advocacy, and we cannot simply rely on our good looks for our industry’s future."

    ~ Lindsey Galloway, President, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Storyteller at Heritage Park Historical Village    


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    AB's Crown Land Outdoor Rec Economic Study

    TIAA found $376M was spent on outdoor equipment and accessories, with a contribution of $2.8B to the province's GDP.

    This first-of a-kind study revealed the significant potential behind outdoor recreation as a powerful economic driver.    


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    Supporting Tourism

    TIAA advocates for policy that supports the growth and sustainability of all facets of Alberta’s tourism economy.

    Alberta's tourism industry has shown extraordinary resilience this last year, and we will recover even stronger together.    


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    TIAA's Role

    Enhancing the policy and business conditions for tourism operators toward developing a $20B industry by 2030.

    Through industry leadership and partnerships, TIAA is committed to helping our hardest hit sector recover in full.    


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  • Tourism Impact

    Did You Know?

    Nearly 10% of the province’s jobs are attributable to tourism-related business activities?

    Tourism is an industry that puts Alberta on the world stage and assists with attracting visitors, trade and foreign investment.    


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TIAA’s vision is that Alberta’s tourism industry will be the driving force of sustainable, community economic development.

We represent all aspects of the diverse tourism ecosystem in Alberta; ensuring that future opportunities are leveraged and issues affecting the industry are addressed.


Tourism's voice matters more than ever. And, TIAA’s voice as a proxy for the sectors that comprise the visitor economy matters more than ever. The single most important thing we can do at this time is ensure tourism operators are aware of TIAA so we can offer our support. In these challenging times, we cannot stress how important it is to work together, elevate our collective needs to decision makers, and join forces to reduce industry risks during our recovery.



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