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TIAA’s vision is that Alberta’s tourism industry will be the driving force of sustainable, community economic development.

We represent all aspects of the diverse tourism ecosystem in Alberta; ensuring that future opportunities are leveraged and issues affecting the industry are addressed.


Tourism's voice matters more than ever. And, TIAA’s voice as a proxy for the sectors that comprise the visitor economy matters more than ever. The single most important thing we can do at this time is ensure tourism operators are aware of TIAA so we can offer our support. In these challenging times, we cannot stress how important it is to work together, elevate our collective needs to decision makers, and join forces to reduce industry risks during our recovery.

The Latest from TIAA - August 2023



Monday, September 25, 2023
Calgary Telus Convention Centre


The 2023 Fall Tourism Summit will connect key decision makers, executives, provincial and municipal officials from Alberta's visitor economy for a condensed, high-impact one-day program in downtown Calgary.  Highlights includes speaker panels on:

  • Additive Powers of Generative Ai in the Tourism Economy
  • Navigating Opportunities for the Visitor Economy Under the New Government
  • Positioning Alberta as a Centre for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Development & Global Leader in the Advancement of a Low Carbon Travel Value Proposition
  • Innovators, Disruptors and DEI Champions
  • Future Wildfire and Emergency Preparedness - A Coordinated Response

Full Agenda

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Fall Advocacy Summit Tickets


Dedication of the Alberta Tourism Levy to Support Goal of a $20 Billion AB Tourism Industry

The Tourism Industry Association of Alberta (TIAA) supports funding mechanisms to achieve sustainable industry growth.

The Tourism Industry Association of Alberta (TIAA) recently highlighted the significance of tourism to Alberta's economy in communications with Ministers Schow and Horner. TIAA's communication focuses on the proposed exclusive use of the Alberta Tourism Levy (ATL) for tourism marketing and development. In TIAA's latest comparative economic impact study indicates that tourism offers greater job creation potential than sectors like Energy and Agriculture. The data suggests a compelling return on investment for tourism, emphasizing its importance in achieving Alberta's $20B visitor economy target. 

Read TIAA's submission to the GOA on the ATL

TIAA Releases GOA Mandate Insights and Alignment Overview

TIAA has released analysis of the Government of Alberta ministry mandates, and how the Premier's specific expectations for each ministry align to TIAA member needs, and expectations. The report presents full overview of the Ministries which are linked to Alberta's tourism economy as well as TIAA alignment on mandate expectations for each Ministry. 

This 5 minute read is the fastest way to get insight on the provincial policy and funding issues that matter most to our industry in Alberta.

TIAA GOA Mandate Insights 2023

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