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Alberta’s Crown Land Outdoor Recreation Study

Report and Findings Now Available

With gratitude for the contributions of 19 motorized and non-motorized outdoor recreation groups, and input from Albertans across the province, TIAA's first-of a-kind study has revealed the significant potential behind outdoor recreation as a powerful economic driver. The research found $376M was spent on outdoor equipment and accessories, with a contribution of $2.8B to the province's GDP. See all files, including the key findings and full report below.

Study Overview

Get a snapshot of the report and see the topline findings here.



View the full report, including the results by region, or the different levels of economic impact in national and provincial parks and public lands here.



The most comprehensive of our documents, the Technical Report offers a chance to delve deeper into the research activities, spending by segment, modeling, and more. Click here.

Six Action Items

The outcomes of this research culminated into six asks of the government aimed at augmenting Alberta's job creation, and sustainable economic growth. Click here to view those.

Significant Contributions

The findings were unequivocal. Alberta’s crown lands and waters fuel the very activities that are at the heart of this booming industry. See the trip-related spend broken down by expenditure category and more here.