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TIAA Tourism Policy Committee


The TIAA Tourism Policy Committee (TPC) is a standing committee of the board of directors.  The TPC provides strategic support to the association’s board of directors by identifying emerging issues, supporting the development of policy positions (which could include primary or secondary research efforts), acting as an issues support resource to the board, and, support to the board in the development and execution of grassroots-oriented advocacy campaigns.   The TPC’s mandate does not include policy development that is operational, or managerial in nature. 


Tourism Policy Committee Membership

·         Three Members from the TIAA Board of Directors 

·         Two Representatives from the TIAA Industry Associations Advisory Council

·         One Member at Large

·         TIAA Board Advisor/CEO


Submitting Policy for Consideration by the Tourism Policy Committee 

Any full member in good standing may bring forward a policy development suggestion to the Tourism Policy Committee.  The following requirements must be met in order for the TPC to consider the request:


  • The issue must clearly connect to TIAA’s objects and stated vision and mission;

  • The issue must speak to a provincial (or federal) policy, regulation, bill, statute or existing piece of

legislation and the desired action(s) to be taken;

  • TIAA must be reasonably able to influence and advance the issue as an organizational policy that

benefits the tourism industry;

  • The issue must not be contradictory to existing TIAA policy or the generally accepted policy viewpoints of the association.  


How Does a TIAA Member Advance a Policy Proposal?


Structure of the Policy Proposal

Policy proposals must contain the following elements to be considered by the TPC: 


  • Title (name of your policy proposal)

  • Issues Summary (how does the policy proposal support TIAA’s stated objectives?)

  • Background (what background research studies, statistics or references support the proposal?)

  • Impact (why should the policy proposal be considered by the government?)

  • Recommendations (what specific, time-oriented and measurable policy recommendations are you proposing?)

  • Success (what does success look like?  And, if the policy proposal were adopted, how would TIAA know when it has been successful with its efforts?)


Who May Submit a Policy Proposal?

Any full member of TIAA in good standing may bring forward a policy development proposal to the Tourism

Policy Committee. When a policy proposal is received, TIAA will acknowledge receipt and let the proponent

know whether any further information is required to consider the request. 


Is the Policy Proposal a “Policy Development” initiative, or an Emerging Issue?

TIAA draws a distinction between policy development proposals that have a long-term benefit, but no

short-term impact, and those that are fast-moving issues that require an immediate response.  In the case of

the former, policy proposals are submitted to the Tourism Policy Committee through the Committee Chair

and will be addressed at its next scheduled meeting.  In the case of an emerging issue, the policy proposal

will be brought to the attention of both the Tourism Policy Committee Chair and Board Advisor/CEO and if a

determination is made that the proposal must be deal with on a priority basis, the matter will be fast-tracked

to the TIAA Board of Directors through the TIAA Board Chair.    


Policy Committee Meeting Frequency

The Policy Committee shall meet no less than twice a year and, more frequently, should the Policy

Committee Chair determine there is a need to do so. 


TIAA Board Has Final Decision-Making Authority

The final decision on whether to approve a policy proposal ultimately rests with the TIAA Board of Directors.  

If the Board approves the policy, it will be added to the list of policy agenda items advocated by TIAA on

behalf of its tourism industry membership.  The prioritization of the policy will also be considered by the

Board in the context of the broader policy agenda it is advocating to government. 


NOTE: The TIAA board does not expect to formalize the creation of the Tourism Policy Committee until following its first Annual General Meeting, which is envisaged to take place prior to June, 2020.