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Destination Next:  Futures Study 2019 A Strategic Road Map for the Next Generation of Global Destination Organizations

Destination organizations today are collaborating more closely with their local communities to define a shared vision for the future that provides long-term benefits for both key stakeholders and residents.  There is also a much greater emphasis on community-driven destination development that aligns around the three integrated pillars of economic, social and environmental sustainability to drive competitive advantage in today’s global visitor economy.    Continue Reading


Creating Middle Class Jobs: A Federal Tourism Growth Strategy 

The new federal tourism growth strategy aims to capitalize on the tourism industry’s success by helping to create more opportunities for year-round, sustainable economic development in Canadian communities.  The potential for tourism is greater than ever with Tourism now having become the seventh economic strategy table for the government: an approach that summons the attention of all government departments that are impacted by the industry.   Continue Reading


Unlocking the Potential of Canada’s Visitor Economy 

In its February 2017 report, the federal Minister of Finance’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth identified tourism as one of eight key sectors where “Canada has a strong endowment, untapped potential, and significant global growth potential.”  The Council recommended that government and businesses take a targeted, collaborative approach to building each of these sectors. Given the outsized importance of tourism to Canada, and the substantial growth opportunity of the sector, this report is intended to stimulate discussion about the structure, performance and potential of the sector, and introduce possible avenues to grow Canada’s visitor economy. Continue Reading




Tourism Industry Association of Alberta Launched at 2019 Travel Alberta Conference

October, 28, 2019 BANFF, Alberta 

Today, TIAA Chair, Alida Visbach (also President and CEO of Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary), announced the new association as a big tent coalition that will advocate for a whole-of-government approach to the development of Alberta’s tourism industry.  The TIAA mission is simple: to unleash the potential of Alberta’s tourism industry.  Continue Reading


Small Business Week: Statement from Minister Fir 

“Every year, Canadians across the country celebrate the important role entrepreneurs and small businesses play in our communities. Alberta entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of a strong, thriving economy. They are innovators, trailblazers and groundbreakers, and they are committed partners, job creators and pillars of our communities.”    Continue Reading