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Working to Make Our Sector Better

A Whole of Government Approach to Tourism

TIAA supports a whole of government approach to tourism wherein the policies and regulations of all affected ministries align with the economic growth objectives for the tourism industry. TIAA's policy and advocacy efforts relate primarily to the following ministries:


Economic Development, Trade & Tourism

Tourism is an economic engine for Alberta with nearly 10% of the province’s jobs attributable to tourism-related business activities. With an appropriate public investment, tourism has the potential to be a significant driver of sustainable, regional economic development in virtually every corner of the province.

Culture, Multiculturalism & Status of Women

Alberta’s historic sites and places offer a unique insight into the province’s history and indigenous and francophone cultures that enrichen visitor experiences. Efforts to improve gender equality will support the growth objectives of the tourism sector.

Environment & Parks

Sustainable growth in tourism depends on access to and protection of public lands. A clear and transparent decision-making framework is key to nurturing new tourism and recreation-based activities, and to attracting investment.

Labour & Immigration

Tourism is largely a people-oriented business that depends on a predictable labour supply and training and education supports for the workforce. Access to foreign labour pools, training of youth, and, promotion of career paths in tourism is key to supporting the future potential of Alberta’s tourism industry.


Alberta’s reinvestment in core public infrastructure is key to stimulating new tourism product development and investment in communities throughout Alberta.

Agriculture & Forestry

The agriculture industry shares a symbiotic relationship with tourism vis-a-vis its contributions to the food and beverage industry and various culinary and agri-tourism offerings.

Indigenous Relations

Indigenous tourism greatly enrichens Alberta’s tourism product offer through the sharing of indigenous culture and story-telling.


Reinvesting in Alberta’s transportation corridors is fundamental to supporting future investments in new tourism product offerings through the province.

Municipal Affairs

To achieve the government aim of a $20B tourism industry by 2030 will require clear and responsive policies that better enable local government and the tourism sector to drive new economic opportunities for their community.

Treasury Board & Finance

With overarching responsibility to balance the government’s economic and fiscal priorities, tourism’s ability to provide timely, and informed, economic analysis is key to ensuring the necessary financial supports for the industry.