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Programs and Services to Support Tourism Operators

Tourism Business Startup Workbook 

The Tourism Business Startup Workbook is an important resource for any Alberta that is considering a tourism business venture.  The workbook will support you in your thinking as you consider issues such as: What experience are you selling? Who is part of your competitive set?  How will you get to market to sell your product or service? How will you address financing of the business? And, how will you budget for and evaluate your business efforts?  Click Here to download the workbook. 


Tourism Business Planning Guide

The Tourism Business Planning Guide offers assistance to entrepreneurs in areas such as:  assessing a business opportunity, understanding the competitive market, revenue development, financial and operational planning, etc..  Click Here to view the Guide. 


Culinary Tourism Event Handbook 

Culinary Tourism experiences are an important way to build economic potential within a community by sharing local food experiences through culinary-themed tourism activities.  The Handbook provides food event planners useful tools such as: event planning checklist, guide to food permits and safety, guidance around issues such as securing liquor licenses, event marketing tactics, etc..  Click Here to review the Handbook. 


Alberta Tourism Market Monitor

The Alberta Tourism Market Monitor (produced monthly) presents updated information on travel, accommodation and attendance information.  Also included is a monthly snapshot on issues such as: Exchange Rates, Major Tourism Projects in Alberta and Campsite Reservations. Click Here to view the latest monthly monitor.   


Alberta Labour Force Statistics 

The Labour Force Statistics report is a monthly publication of the Government of Alberta that compares unemployment rates by region, cities, age, gender and industry employment rates. Alberta unemployment rates and provincial/national comparatives are also included.  Click Here to view the latest Labour Force statistics report.   


Visitor Friendly Alberta: Guide to Welcoming Tourists to Your Community  

There are many determining factors to building a community that is tourism and visitor friendly.  The online guide to building a Visitor Friendly Community assists communities in tackling issues such as: what does being visitor friendly mean? Does your community have the resources and support to improve its community friendliness?  And, How do you monitor and check-up on your progress? Click Here to view the FREE online assessment and action-plan document.   


Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association Accommodation Outlook 2019 

The AHLA’s annual Accommodation Outlook report is produced in partnership with Commercial Real Estate Services Canada (CBRE) and includes insights on: lodging supply and demand; development; investment; and, risks and opportunities.  Click Here to view the 2019 Alberta Accommodation Outlook    


Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA)

The ITA ‘encourages and promotes authentic Indigenous tourism that showcases the unique and immersive experiences offered by its members throughout our four regions; North, Central and Southern Alberta as well as the Rockies.  ITA’s goal is to enhance economic viability, further engage and support our Indigenous peoples and nurture these partnerships through the province by sharing our stories, culture and experiences with a global audience.’ Click Here to view the 2019-20 ITA Action Plan and its priorities, projects and programs